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Vehicle leasing

Fund your fleet and mobilise your company.

From long-term leasing to flexible renting, there are lots of ways to fund your fleet and mobilise your company. Whilst each solution offers its own unique approach and advantages, they all share one outcome - a solution that is built around your business.

To ensure you find the right fit for your circumstances, the MHC Mobility team will work closely with you. We’ll take you through our market-leading suite of finance solutions and advise you on areas such as total cost optimisation and sustainability.



Whether you're searching for a comprehensive solution or the greatest amount of flexibility, MHC Mobility offers various leasing options to suit customers' needs and preferences.

  • Full Operational Lease provides a risk-free driving experience with fixed monthly payments covering all aspects of the vehicle's management, including maintenance and insurance.
  • Short Lease is a flexible option for short-term commitments, allowing customers to expand their fleet for varying durations.
  • Flex Lease offers both flexibility and competitive pricing, making it ideal for employees with temporary contracts.
  • Economy Lease is a cost-effective option for short-term leases, with a fixed monthly payment that includes 35 free kilometres per day and additional costs only incurred if the daily limit is exceeded.
  • We'll ensure you discover the used car lease that's ideal for you  with our Occasion Center. Deliveries, warranties, and services are all included in the rates, with excellent used vehicles offered at a competitive price.

Overall, MHC Mobility's leasing options offer a range of benefits, including attractive pricing, flexibility, and convenience.


Long and Short Term Rental

MHC Mobility rental products are designed to support businesses that need to move quickly and flexibly. Hire a wide range of vehicles across multiple locations with everything managed with through one platform.

Your rental fee covers all services related to the operation of the fleet, including:

  • Depreciation costs and interest.
  • Repairs, maintenance and replacement of tyres.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Holdership taxes.
  • Replacement vehicles.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance in Europe.
  • Use of a fuel card.
  • Winter tyres.

Benefits of Short Term Rental with MHC Mobility

  • True flexibility to find the vehicles you need to react quickly to business opportunities
  • Adjust vehicles to the capabilities and needs of your company
  • Attractive terms with everything included
  • Access a range of the best vehicles in class
  • Choose car rental periods from one day to 24 months
  • If your circumstances change, you can return the car early at no extra charge

Benefits of Long Term Rental with MHC Mobility

  • Build a rental agreement and fleet that suits your business needs
  • Manage your cash flow with access to attractive monthly rates with all operating costs included
  • No upfront lump sum payments

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Sale and Leaseback

If you own your fleet and want to generate new income and take the hard work out of fleet management, Sale and Leaseback could be the perfect solution.

Sale and Leaseback is a great option for companies that own their fleet and are looking for ways to derisk, release capital and improve fleet management.

As part of the service:

  • We buy your company’s fleet and make it available to you under a long-term lease
  • MHC Mobility becomes the owner of the vehicles and takes responsibility for fleet management, while your company uses the vehicles and a suite of additional services for a fixed monthly price.
  • Thanks to the sale of the fleet, your company receives a cash injection that can be used for other projects.

Benefits of Long Term Rental with MHC Mobility

  • Build a rental agreement and fleet that suits your business needs
  • Manage your cash flow with access to attractive monthly rates with all operating costs included
  • No upfront lump sum payments

MHC Mobility also offer Sale and Rent Back, offering complete transparency and control of fleet costs. A single monthly cost includes expenses such as taxes, maintenance, inspection, wear and tear, or tyre changes.

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Mobility Spot - A modern solution for corporate mobility

Enable your employees to share a pool of company vehicles with Mobility Spot. This modern and innovative alternative to company vehicles provides greater flexibility, optimises costs and offers a more environmentally friendly approach to corporate travel.

It’s not just conventional cars and vans that are on offer either. Colleagues can pick from EVs and electric scooters or bicycles, with every vehicle made accessible through a dedicated app.

Fleet Connect - Gain an analytical advantage with the telemetry of tomorrow

MHC Mobility’s Fleet Connect application gives you the ability to comprehensively manage vehicles and profile drivers through data. It can engage employees through gamification, proactively inform you about safety issues and optimise routes all through the use of telemetry technology.

With Fleet Connect, you gain an analytical and strategic advantage that creates the opportunity to:

  • Reduce the costs of your fleet.
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes.
  • Increase the level of employee and fleet safety.
  • Quantifiably reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles in your company.

Micromobility - Mobility solutions for today's times

A range of e-bikes or e-scooters can support greener last-mile delivery services or help staff move around cities for meetings. The provision of greener mobility options benefits employee happiness and well-being, for example, e-bikes bikes can be used for recreational cycling in addition to commuting to work during holidays and weekends.