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Tailored fleet management

A broad range of solutions for the management of your fleet.

Businesses are facing rising costs and regulations, alongside growing sustainability challenges on the road to net zero. With MHC Mobility’s Fleet Management service, you can focus on developing your business goals without worrying about the day-to-day management of your fleet. We offer a broad range of solutions and benefits in exchange for a fixed monthly fee, taking away the risk and giving you peace of mind.

Our service includes:


Working in partnership with experts at MHC Mobility will help to optimise your fleet and manage costs. Regular reviews of your fleet policy will ensure it remains aligned to the business, while indentifying cost savings will be a continual process.

Finding the best funding package for your fleet will ensure your business has the flexibility it needs to grow.

We make controlling your motor vehicle expenses easy with a single bill and work hard to help you control your costs and build the right fleet for your business.


When you join the MHC Mobility community, you get access to our international network of experts and decades of fleet management experience. Our range of comprehensive and flexible service packages offer market-leading consultancy for your business.

Fleet management consultancy offers:

  • Fleet performance analysis
    MHC Mobility experts will review your current fleet, vehicle stock and staff management and identify opportunities to optimise their performance.
  • End-to-end mobility strategy
    Based on the analysis, we will prepare an end-to-end development plan for your company’s vehicle fleet. We will advise you on the best mobile solutions and help you make the most appropriate decisions in terms of finance, effectiveness and the environment.
  • Industry insight
    Fleet Management by MHC Mobility will allow your company to adapt dynamically to the evolving fleet industry and respond to any legal and tax changes.
  • CSR objective tracking
    We will show you how to design your company’s mobility policy to meet your CSR (corporate social responsibility) objectives while maximising the business efficiency of your fleet.
  • A personal approach
    We take pride in our personal approach. We feel responsible for our customers' fleets, and once we get to know your business needs and expectations, we’ll prepare a Full Service Leasing programme tailored to your business.
  • A dedicated team
    You will be assigned a carefully selected team of MHC Mobility specialists for your account. This team will know the history and specifics of your fleet and are here to serve you and your drivers.

Our commitment to continual improvement drives MHC Mobility in many ways, from our growth strategy to our innovations. We use data and expertise to develop smarter ways of working. And, as our customer, we’ll help you do the same.

A data-led fleet strategy can help to lower operational costs without impacting performance, and maximise fleet availability and productivity by using connected data from vehicles and ancillary equipment.

Our experts can provide live fleet insight to ensure decisions can be made regarding cost avoidance, from breakdown and accident management data to the telemetry of stationary vehicles.

Using our intelligent software and telematics systems, such as Fleet Connect, your fleet data can be systematically recorded and analysed to:

  • Discover potential savings.
  • Optimise your processes.
  • Unearth valuable insights about your business.
  • Increase employee and fleet safety.
  • Build driver profiles.

Find out how business intelligence can benefit my business.


You have access to our dedicated account management teams and the help of a knowledgeable, committed group of customer care professionals.

Your dedicated Account Manager provides immediate support in all areas related to fleet management. This includes:

  • negotiating the best terms of service
  • ongoing fleet maintenance
  • efficient vehicle service management.

With comprehensive services like fuel cards, tyre replacement, and parking solutions, you can be assured that MHC has everything covered.

Why choose fleet management with MHC Mobility?


We provide you with 24/7 access to assistance and a dedicated, knowledgeable Customer Service team.


We offer a full range of services, including ongoing maintenance, insurance packages independent of the insurance market, claims adjustment, fuel cards, tyre replacement and storage.

Cost optimisation

You’ll receive a single invoice, and your company will quickly see savings from controlling your vehicle maintenance costs.

Trusted fleet management that helps hit business goals  

If you have a company fleet of several, several dozen or maybe even several hundred vehicles, a fleet management service will help you:

  • Increase employee productivity and mobility.
  • Achieve the business objectives set for your vehicle fleet.
  • Control and optimise your vehicle stock maintenance costs.
  • Decarbonise your fleet and meet the objectives of your sustainability strategy.