Reaction: Net Zero Industry Act - MHC Mobility comments

Thursday 16th March 2023

The European Commission today (16 March) announced the Net Zero Industry Act, which commits the EU to producing at least 40% of the green technology needed for the energy transition within its borders by 2030.

Jon Lawes, Managing Director of MHC Mobility, a leading pan-European leasing business providing fleet solutions across all asset types and industry sectors which supports European companies in their transition to electric vehicles, comments on the announcement:

“We welcome the announcement today of ambitious targets for expanding production of batteries and other technologies critical to green mobility within the EU. There is an increasing demand from businesses eager to play their part by decarbonising their fleets and the Net Zero Industry Act could prove to be the shot in the arm which European green manufacturing needed.”

“Combined with the relaxation of State aid rules, the provisions in the Net Zero Industry Act could be a game changer for member states, who will now have much greater freedom to support their industries in the energy transition.”

“European fleets have been facing a number of challenges, ranging from a lack of EV charging infrastructure to sustainably managing their transition alongside broader cost and inflation pressures. The measures announced contain many of the essential ingredients for achieving net zero mobility in Europe and we could now see a rapid scale-up in the supply of EVs and charging stations across the continent.”

“It is now vital that the legislation is approved as soon as possible so that member states can begin to take full advantage of the available measures. It is equally critical that member states do their bit to ensure the proposals deliver on their potential. Ultimately that means putting money on the table.”

“MHC mobility will be working closely with clients and partners to maximise any new opportunities to decarbonise their fleets which this announcement brings.”