Reaction: ACEA March 2024 vehicle registration data

Wednesday 17th April 2024

Headshot of Jon Lawes - Managing Director at Novuna Vehicle Solutions

‘Fleets remain EV torchbearers as consumer demand slumps’ – MHC Mobility

Jon Lawes, Managing Director at MHC Mobility, a leading pan-European leasing business providing fleet solutions across all asset types and industry sectors, comments on the European mobility sector ahead of tomorrow’s (18 April) ACEA vehicle registration data:

 “Europe’s EV transition is showing warning signs that it may be stalling as consumer demand falls away. European fleets have been EV torchbearers, with EV adoption forming the backbone of many firms’ decarbonisation strategy. Consumers, however, are showing signs of hesitancy. High costs and waning governmental support have made BEVs less attractive.

“To reignite the ZEV transition, governments must focus on incentives for drivers, a far wider charging network, and carmakers must maintain their electrification ambitions which are all key to ensuring Europe remains on track for achieving zero-emission mobility.”