Reaction: ACEA July 2023 vehicle registration data

Wednesday 30th August 2023

Fleets hold key to European transport transitioning at scale’

Jon Lawes, Managing Director at MHC Mobility, a leading pan-European leasing business providing fleet solutions across all asset types and industry sectors, comments on the European mobility sector following today's (30 August) ACEA vehicle registration figures, which saw a 15.2% increase in passenger car registrations from the previous year, with battery-electric vehicles taking a 13.6% market share, up from 9.8% in the same month last year. 

“The growth in European vehicle registrations has been robust so far this year and we expect this trend to continue into the second half. A strong and reliable supply of new electric vehicles (EVs) is particularly important for corporate fleets as they look to fast-track their decarbonisation strategies.

“A year on from the US Inflation Reduction Act, the country has experienced record-breaking growth in EV adoption - a trend that had been stubbornly sluggish beforehand. It’s still too early to say if the EU’s own Net Zero Industry Act can replicate this on the Continent, and there are concerns around its complexity and the competition that exists between green technology and other industries.

“Nonetheless, corporates must take confidence from the direction the policy sets and accelerate their EV plans. Fleets ultimately hold the key to European transport transitioning at scale.”