MHC Mobility partner with Polish Fleet Managers Association

Sunday 23rd April 2023

Polish Fleet Managers Association (SKFS) is an organization that brings together heads of car fleets, managing a total of 90,000 vehicles in Poland, and MHC Mobility – a provider of modern mobility solutions, employing over 170 people and managing a fleet of over 12,500 vehicles.

On 17 March, a Business Breakfast took place at the Hilton hotel in Warsaw,  hosted by MHC Mobility and SKFS. The meeting gathered representatives of the automotive and fleet industry, as well as people interested in the development of mobility. In total, over 30 people took part in the event. During the Business Breakfast, an agreement on cooperation between MHC Mobility and SKFS was officially signed, with the aim of partnering in proposing new mobility solutions.

"For our organization, which operates in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, cooperation with SKFS opens up new paths for development and enables us to better care for the safety, mobility, and satisfaction of users of our cars. We are pleased to emphasize the importance of the partnership established with the reputable organization that is SKFS, which not only shows a deep understanding of the needs of fleet vehicle managers but also confirms the credibility and professionalism of our organization," emphasizes Tomasz Piekarski, CEE Sales Director of MHC Mobility.

The event was partnered by the Krotoski Group, which prepared an exhibition of the Audi Q8 e-tron, a modern and ecological SUV. During the Business Breakfast, a representative of the Fleet Managers Association gave a lecture on the challenges facing Fleet Managers in Poland and presented the latest trends in mobility. After that, representatives of MHC Mobility and the Krotoski Group gave their presentations, sharing their experiences related to the development of the automotive market and innovative solutions for the fleet industry.

"The partnership established between MHC Mobility and SKFS will allow us to actively seek innovative solutions in the field of mobility and fleet development. To develop this cooperation, we have planned a series of dedicated educational and integration events that bring together our organization and SKFS members. We are convinced that thanks to this partnership, we will be able to even more effectively meet the needs of customers related to fleet vehicle management," adds Sandra Szkwarek, Head of Marketing & Product Development CEE.

At the end of the meeting, a knowledge quiz was held in which guests participated. The main prize was an Audi Q8 e-tron for the weekend, which could be won by one of the participants. In addition, each participant received gifts, including branded polo shirts with the logos of SKFS and MHC Mobility.

The Business Breakfast is a regular event organized by MHC Mobility, aimed at integrating and exchanging experiences between representatives of the automotive and fleet industry.